Ok, so...who TF even are you?
Big thangs from a small package.

Since 2008, Graphixspot has had the opportunity to work with clients, creatives and agencies from the very small to very large with a reach going as far south as Atlanta and New Orleans to as far east as Baltimore and DC while maintaining a steady audience in Chicago.

It has also grown into a multi-disciplinary business by expanding into photography and videography to couple with its graphic design roots.

An important notice from Graphixspot:

Fam, It's WILD outchea.

Due to the pandemic, Graphixspot is taking proper precautions to ensure safety. Printing is available with the added protocol of contact-free pickup from our designated storage location. Curbside delivery is available within the city for a fee. Turnaround times for services & goods may be subject to change, so please contact Graphixspot if there are any questions and concerns regarding your order/project. Please note that Graphixspot reserves the right to refuse an order/project during this time (well, quite frankly, anytime).

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