In The Beginning...

Graphixspot is the brainchild of Chicago native, Nicole Waddington, aka TakaZulu, a then, frustrated 20-something year old with a lot of big ideas and creative energy. Originally aspiring to fulfill her life-long dream as an animator, Nicole switched gears and turned her attention to graphic design. With her determination and self-taught Photoshop skills, the woman who was widely known for her illustrative prowess became a budding freelancer in 2008.

Founder 2008-
Photographer 2013-present
Graphic Designer 2007-
Videography 2013-
Front End Designer 2010-

Since Then...

Since 2008, Graphixspot has had the opportunity to work with clients, creatives and agencies from the very small to very large with a reach going as far south as Missouri, Atlanta and Louisiana to as far east as New York while maintaing a steady audience in Chicago. It has also grown into a multi-disciplinary business by expanding into photography and videography to couple with its graphic design roots... ...And then, Nicole got a dog.