WhaT is Graphixspot?

Nicole Waddington,  a then, frustrated 20-something-year-old, had many ideas and creative energy. Originally aspiring to become an animator, Nicole switched gears and turned her attention to graphic design. With self-taught Photoshop skills and grit, the woman who was widely known for her illustrative prowess became a budding freelancer with the creation of Graphixspot in 2008.

3 cats and a dog later, Graphixspot has worked with clients, creatives, and agencies of many sizes going as far south as Missouri, Georgia, and Louisiana to as far east as New York while maintaining a steady base in Chicago. It has also grown into a multi-disciplinary business by expanding into photography and videography to couple with its graphic design roots.

Graphic Design

Assorted projects in various forms of design.

Branding/Visual Identity

Marketing & Advertising

Print Design

Web Design


Assorted photography.




Street Photography